The Business of Cookies

There's a ton to understand about launching a cookie business - cottage law, local licensing and permitting, copyright law, Department of Health build-out requirements and regulations . . . the list goes on and on. Help others cut through this clutter here.

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That is the question! Granted, your place of business is only one decision that you'll need to make when starting out, but it's such an important one that we thought it deserved its own special forum. Don't forget: location, location, location!

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Etsy is just one of many ways to market and sell your cookies, but it's become an increasingly influential one in recent years. Ask other Etsy users their best advice for getting the most out of this platform.

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Confused about whether you can legally make character cookies? what hoops you need to jump through to protect your business name or cookie designs? the licenses needed to operate a legit cookie business? All such questions are fair game in this forum. Disclaimer: We don't profess to be lawyers here, only good conversation starters!

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Ahh, pricing can be the cookier's nemesis. Need help learning how to price so you don't lose your dignity, enthusiasm, or your shirt? Please ask.

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What's the best way to spread your cookie-word, especially if resources are limited? Swap your best marketing practices in this forum.

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Packaging and shipping can be time-consuming parts of the cookie business; yet the overall eye appeal of your cookies can have a HUGE impact. Talk about lessons learned in getting cookies neatly tied up and out the door!

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The work doesn't end after the start-up is over! Every veteran bakery owner will tell you that expanding a cookie business presents its own unique growing pains. Chat here about best and worst practices for taking your business to the next level.

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Need immediate business advice? Shout it out!

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