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3-D Cornflowers in Full Bloom Stage of Growth
Watch-Learn-Create Challenge #54

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I am not quite sure if I used the correct tips or not, but I assumed some leeway in my attempt to re-create the look on my own baked cookies.

What I learned corresponds directly to the suggestions @Anna_Sunday_Cookers gave in her demo (e.g. the need for the right thickness of the icing, the fact that each flower will be different, color blending suggestions for the air-brush enhancements, ...).

What I have not yet worked out is getting my wooden skewer to stay firmly attached to the shaped hallow cookie (I inserted the skewers after removing the cookies from their silicon mold).  By the time I finished decorating, all on my cookies ended up spinning on the skewer to their selfish delight.

I agree with Anna when it comes to leaving some cookie exposed; I think it adds value to the allure to actually want to eat the decorated cookie; to me, they say "eat me".  It helps that I put some butter in the thick glaze icing as it even smelled alluring (it equates to piping with thick buttercream frosting in my book).  Of course, as you continue to hold butter-infused frosting it gets softer.

It is a challenge for me to figure out how to actually give these cookies away without taking them off the skewer;  without being royal icing the protruding pedals get broken off quite easily.

What gorgeous flowers!! @EAC, I love the texture and depth of color gradients in your work. A perfect blending of shades and realistic petals piped to perfection!! Awesome work ❤️

These corn flowers are gorgeous, @EAC and so your picture! Thank you for participating and thank you for your comment. If I remember well, Anna suggested to insert the skewer once the cookies are out of the oven and hot and leave them in the molds without touching them until completely cooled down. Maybe Anna @Anna_Sunday_Cookers has some further suggestions or could tell you what could have been possibly gone wrong.

When I made cookies on stick in the past and they ended up spinning I dipped them in royal icing and inserted again. Once the royal icing was completely dry it acted like a glue. Since you are not using royal icing you could use a drop of isomalt instead (I tried that too and it worked).

Thanks again

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