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For this challenge, stringwork, initially I have planned to make 3 entries: One big piece, some small pieces and 3D.

One big piece is β€œThrobbing Heart, Valentine’s Day”


Some small pieces are β€œFlowers”


And the last one is this, β€œEaster Egg”

I watched the class β€œElevated Oriental Stringwork with Toba Garrett” and β€œMastering Australian Stringwork with Mark Seaman” on Craftsy.   I bought these classes some years ago since they are very beautiful but I haven’t seriously watched or tried till this Challenge because I didn’t think I could do.  Thanks to the challenge, I watched both classes very carefully.   The recipe of icing by Toba Garrett and Mark Seaman are different, I just stick to the recipe of my first entry to this challenge: Egg white and sugar powder with cornstarch in it.

The size of my cookie is 11x11cm (4.33 x 4.33 inch)

  1. I cut out half egg shape from my brand new silicon mold after I read what Samantha of Aproned Artist does. https://cookieconnection.julia...-artist-moon-landing I have never thought that I would cut my mold…. but if I didn’t, I wondered how I could make this egg… 😨   I put very thin shortening on the surface of mold so the dried icing would come out very easily.
  2. I used PME tip No. 1 and 2 but the egg was too delicate and broken when I took them out from the mold so I made another one with PME tip No. 2 and 3. Most of the photos were taken while I was making the first egg with the tip No. 1 and 2 , but the procedure is same with tip No. 2 and 3.
  3. I made the guide on the paper to make straight lines but for me to make 3D egg (actually a half egg at a time) these lines on the paper didn’t work as I hoped.

I made rhombus line first on the mold then longitudinal and horizontal linesegg1

piped at tilts


more lines to secure the side and make the rhombus clear

egg3 halfeggs

This is my cookie part and circle in the center is to hold the egg


Now I looked at my egg carefully and I think the joint part of two half eggs could be done with more strings.  I couldn’t think anything but not to break them to adhere two of them actually.  



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Thank you, Samantha.  I really needed extra strong determination to cut out my silicon mold.  πŸ€£  Thank you for your tutorial, otherwise I couldn't make this egg.  

LOL - I've been cutting my molds apart for years for all that dough shaping I do in my videos. I have bags of tiny molds all cut apart! No sweat.

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