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Happy Valentine's Day

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These are butter cookies, partly decorated with sugar paper. I designed the sugar paper on the PC with my graphics. The dotted border is also just a graphic. For these cookies I scanned my heart cutter and transferred it 1: 1 to the PC. Then all I had to do was fill the hearts with the motifs and a matching "border".
The monochrome hearts are decorated with frosting.

Thanks so much dear Lisa @LisaF ❤️😘

It's fondant paper (mine from the KOPYFORM brand)
I have a canon printer that I only fill with food coloring. I adapt my motifs to all my cutters on PC.

Oh Gabi I just love your gorgeous hearts for Valentine's Day @Icingsugarkeks!! The coral roses look almost exactly like the beautiful roses that hubby gave me this morning . Your work is always so beautifully done and looks like they're piped by hand. I particularly love the blue checkered heart with the lighted candle..❤️ You always amaze me with your artistic graphics. You're so talented my dear cookie friend...❤️

Oh Carol...   
Thank you 1000 x times for these heartfelt words my dear cookie friend !!

I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day? But with red roses 🌹🌹🌹 ... definitely? !!
Thank you again!!! ❤️😘  @Cookies Fantastique