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In spring I go to the Polish seaside. To the Hel peninsula. Before the summer, thousands of tourists will cover the beaches with screens and ice cream advertisements will obscure the views. When there are no crowds of tourists, you can see where we are. Not by the sea, but on the Kashubian land. A place that has its own history, culture and language. Embroidery is a very popular and widely practiced field of folk art in Kashubia, known throughout Poland.
When I go to the seaside, I live with Mrs. Gosia. A native Kashubian who speaks Kashubian. An exceptionally warm and family person. For such people, you want to go back there.
I made a Kashubian set a little for Mrs Gosia and a little for myself. Because the challenge made me realize that I had never iced Kashubian patterns.


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This is such a wonderful first entry to our challenge - and a great story behind the Kashubian design of these cookies. You have done such a beautiful job of piping the details. One thing that really stands out is the array of vibrant colors. I read somewhere that each color symbolizes something from nature and the people.

Yes - the symbols of embroidery elements are associated with the life and nature of Kashubia. There are several variations depending on the region, but they all relate to that. I modeled myself on the Ε»ukΓ³w school
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