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Picking Flowers
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #41

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Oh, I enjoyed this so much!! Thank you Christine!

There are two different techniques in this presentation. The big roses are made of wafer paper. The rose buds and peach blossom are made of gumpaste.  They are all, except for the teenie-weenie buds, sitting on mini iced cookies.
I used them to decorate a 80th Birthday cake.

I have just realized that they are in a wicker basket and I’m not sure if this is allowed 😱. 


WOW!!! Heather, these are so gorgeous my dear. You have truly outdone yourself @Heather Bruce Sosa . So realistic and breathtaking! You have such an incredible understanding of how to create flowers with wafer paper and gumpaste. Incredible work my dear ❀️❀️

Oh Carol, you are such a darling! Your comments are always so uplifting and encouraging! Thank you so much for your loving words, dear friendπŸ₯°

@LisaF posted:

Oh Heather!  These are gorgeous!  I must say I particularly like the wafer paper flowers.  I have really struggled with wafer paper techniques and your are just perfect.  Beautiful details all around.  β€οΈπŸ˜˜

Dear Lisa, thank you so much for your lovely words, I deeply appreciate them. You warmed my heartβ™₯️

These flowers look so very soft and delicate, and the arrangement of gathered flowers is beautifully laid out. You do not need to worry about the wicker basket since your arrangement of flowers is allowed to be placed on something that is non-edible.

Thank you so much for your lovely words, dear Carol. What a relief πŸ˜…!