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Cheap Superfine Edible Writer Hack

Recently I've been experimenting with my old edible food pens. Many times I need a very fine writer, but I have not come across anything readily available, very fine, and, well, cheap. This solution works very well for me using Wilton FoodWriters and replacement nibs from Copic, a very fine line of artist markers. The replacement nibs come in many sizes and shapes and are much harder than the tips of many available edible writers, so you get a very thin, beautiful line. This particular replacement nib fits the Wilton pen perfectly. This is how I replaced and refreshed my old pens for pennies! I found this pack of 10 nibs on for $2.99 (reg. $5.99).


Foodwriter step 1

Foodwriter step 2

Foodwriter step 3

Foodwriter step 4

Foodwriter step 5


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  • Step 1: Photo by Baked on Briar
  • Step 2: Photo by Baked on Briar
  • Step 3: Photo by Baked on Briar
  • Step 4: Photo by Baked on Briar
  • Step 5: Photo by Baked on Briar

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Such a great idea that I already ordered the super fine nibs for $2.99. Can't wait to try this out. It's amazing how quickly the nibs become unusable when you want a fine line.

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