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Coming Soon - Aymee VanDyke on the Business of Cookies

Hello, Cookie Connection members! Have I got a treat for you!


Later this month, I'll be welcoming member Aymee VanDyke as a guest blogger. Her "column," which is in need of a name (more on that in a later post), will cover all you ever wanted to know about starting a cottage cookie business and taking it to the next level.


Her first post will set the stage by inspiring you to follow your dreams - provided they are grounded in good business sense! In later posts, she'll cover the wide range of topics that all entrepreneurs must eventually address in order to grow from fledgling start-up to enduring enterprise, such as writing a business plan, understanding the market, pricing, marketing, abiding by cottage law and licensing requirements, and so on. A believer that there's no single definition of or path to success, Aymee will dish up a delicious blend of her own experiences commingled with those of other experts to give a well rounded view of what it takes to prosper.


You'll have an opportunity to learn more about Aymee as she posts each month (heads up: she expects audience participation!), but in the meantime, you can read more about her below.


Thank you to Aymee for so generously contributing her time and talents to further the goal of cookie decorating education on Cookie Connection




Aymee VanDyke, also known as Cookiepreneur, is a successful entrepreneur and business consultant whose main focus is to help women in the cottage food industry build profitable and rewarding businesses. She is the founder and owner of Cookiepreneur and The Wacky Cookie Company, a four-year-old cottage/commercial cookie business that has operated in the black for most of its existence. Aymee has an extensive background in personal development and attended the Norwegian School of Business in Oslo. Her articles have been published in BISSI, the magazine of the Norwegian School of Business, and Somos Magazine.


Photo credit: Aymee VanDyke


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Julia, Thanks so very much for the warm welcome! I am really looking forward to contributing to this lovely community of Cookie Artists.  I draw so much inspiration from everyone's work. It will be great to be able to bring something to the table that may help aspiring Cookiepreneurs turn their passion into a profitable business.

So glad to have your contributions to the site, Aymee (aka Wacky Cookie)! Thank you again! I really look forward to your first post.

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