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Congrats to Our Vintage Vacation Contest Winner!

I don't know about you, but I was teetering on the edge of my seat all week as I watched the votes mount in our first-ever cookie decorating contest. There's no question, the race was neck and neck the entire time for one very simple reason: each finalist had a mind-blowing entry!


But make no mistake - just getting to the finalists meant splitting a lot of hairs! All of the entrants deserve major kudos for stepping up to the challenge and putting their work out in cyberspace for the world to view. That's no small feat. I applaud each and every one of you for pushing your creative boundaries in this way.


And thanks to those of you who chose a favorite in the final popular vote! I certainly didn't envy you, but I definitely appreciated your enthusiastic participation. Over 210 members voted prior to the poll closing at 5 pm CDT on July 19 - and those members have spoken!


Without further ado, it's with great pleasure that I introduce the winning entry (with 35% of the popular vote) to you:


Mallory of ButterWinks for Ode to Florida Butterwinks


I can almost hear the resounding applause through my computer screen! Can you?! 


For her winning entry, Mallory will receive $100 from contest sponsor Fancy Flours to apply to purchases on their lovely site. (If you haven't seen it, do check it out!) Her cookies will also be featured in their catalog and/or on their site at a time to be determined by the Fancy Flours' team. 


In addition to congratulating Mallory, let's all take the time to recognize Nancy Lee Quist and Sally Robinson at Fancy Flours, without whom this contest would not have happened. Thank you, ladies!


Oh, if you're worried about plummeting adrenaline levels after such an exhilarating week, stop! I've got a cool (and hefty) giveaway coming up in early August. And you won't have to lift a finger - or a pastry bag - to be eligible!


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  • Ode to Florida: By Mallory of ButterWinks

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Congratulations Mallory! I voted for you even though I also loved the other finalists! I am a fan of your work and visit your facebook page often to see what is going on. You are an wonderful artist and to see you put your art in a cookie is SO MUCH FUN! I will continue to watch your work! Since I live near you, I hope maybe to meet you soon and see your work in person! You are an inspiration and it is a joy to see your work! I wish all the best for you in your ventures!

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