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CookieCon 2017: It's Saturday and Everyone Is Tired!


Today I spent the morning decorating my mystery shape, learning from others, and talking to vendors. I will not bore you with my cookie. The problem with trying something different is that sometimes you bomb, which is what happened this time, and sometimes you don't. I tried to make SugarVeil® hair, which was a flop. Oh well! 

But the good news is: I followed that flop by spending a lot of time working on my SugarVeil® skills during the open decorating session. I think I now have a better understanding of how to tell when the lace is dry and ready to remove from the mat. Pictured below are Arty McGoo (aka Liz Adams, left) and Michele Hester of SugarVeil® at the SugarVeil® Innovation Station. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Two of my favorite sweets people, looking sassy with their red rims! ]


I also heard about a new clip that attaches to pico projectors to hold them securely, which is evidently easier to work with than screwing down the projector on the bottom. It is on Amazon, and I will check it out. I worked with Renshaw fondant, and it was too soft for me, which might have been because of either my hands or the room being too warm.

I had a wonderful talk with Autumn Carpenter, an amazing woman who has achieved a great deal in business. She is only in her early 40s and she owns two successful businesses, Country Kitchen SweetArt and Summit Baking Supplies. The former has been owned and operated by her family since 1964. I enjoyed meeting Sweet Sugarbelle, aka Callye Alvarado, pictured below (right) with my friend Nancy. 


Mr. John (Arty McGoo's husband) and I discussed their company (McGoo U), and he gave me a namesake McGoo U t-shirt. Georganne Bell, aka LilaLoa, gave a session on how to photograph cookies. My favorite tip was putting parchment paper over any surface. It will make an interesting background for almost any cookie picture. Below is a picture of Georganne and the students in her class.


Patrice Romzick of Springerle  Joy looked exhausted (but joyful!) from the lesson she taught. 


And while R&M International packed up, they graciously sold me cookie cutters at a discount.  


I tried to ask students about what they learned and their greatest aha moments, but everyone was too tired to talk. I'm hoping that, at the banquet tonight, everyone will get a second wind, and I can share more from the students.  

I won't blog about the banquet tonight. It will be late, and I have to get up early for the 10-hour drive home. Instead, I will try to do a retrospective when I get home.  

Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed my blogs.  [EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank YOU for writing your blogs, and have a safe trip home. In the meantime, we will all eagerly await your retrospective post!]

Econlady's CookieCon 2015 Calling CardKate Sullivan, aka Econlady, is a retired economist who started cookie decorating over a decade ago when her seven-year-old daughter wanted to take a cookie decorating class. While her daughter lost interest, Kate continued to explore cookie decorating, always looking for new ideas and techniques. Kate’s cookies have been featured on a trading card at CookieCon 2015 (pictured left) and also in Cookie Connection’s Practice Bake Perfect Challenge #14. A year ago, Kate took over as Newsletter Editor of the National Cookie Cutter Collectors Club, where her decorated cookies are showcased on the cover of each newsletter. Kate is a long-time veteran of CookieCon, having attended since the very beginning, so she is sure to bring us the up-to-the-minute CookieCon inside scoop. 

Photo and cookie credit: Kate Sullivan

Note: This article expresses the views of the author, and not necessarily those of this site, its owners, its administrators, or its employees. To read more CookieCon 2017 updates from our special Cookie Connection Correspondents Team, click here, and for CookieCon event photos, click here.


Images (5)
  • LilaLoa, aka Georganne Bell, and Her Students: Photo by Kate Sullivan
  • Arty McGoo, aka Liz Adams, and Michele Hester of SugarVeil®: Photo by Kate Sullivan
  • Sweet Sugarbelle aka Callye Alvarado (Right) and Nancy: Photo by Kate Sullivan
  • Patrice Romzick of Springerle Joy: Photo by Kate Sullivan
  • R&M International Team: Photo by Kate Sullivan

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MommaCi posted:

What was the name or brand of the new clip that you used with the Pico?

I was walking by looking for a marker when I heard the woman talking to the group.  I haven't found the item yet.  I will try to do some research and find it.

Laegwen posted:

Thanks a lot for all the pictures and the posts - I truly wish I could have been there, it must have been so much fun!

Thanks!  It is amazing and after sleeping for a couple of days I want to start practicijg the things Iearned.

Econlady posted:
MommaCi posted:

What was the name or brand of the new clip that you used with the Pico?

I was walking by looking for a marker when I heard the woman talking to the group.  I haven't found the item yet.  I will try to do some research and find it.

With the help of Karen Summers I talked to the woman at the pico projector.  Unfortunately it was more involved than I expected.  She uses a special stand on her kopykake stand.  It's very frustrating.  According to my hubby a selfie stick or a cell phone holder can do the same thing.  I bought a Vastar mobile phone holder for $7.99 from amazon.  It's not perfect, but I don't have to screw in the the projector, instead it clamps from the side.  I'll keep looking and trying to find a better way to attach the pico.

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