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Julia's March Stencil Release! (aka Cookie Stencils Work Wonders Elsewhere Too!)


Yes, it's mid-March (my, how time flies!) and once again the occasion for the grand reveal of my latest Prettier PlaquesTM stencils. If you haven't yet heard about my new line, introduced at the end of 2016 and designed in partnership with Stencil Ease, you can read all about it here

This month, I'm adding four new five-stencil sets, including my March Stencil of the Month, to my growing line. All sets are also sold as separates to give you maximum purchasing flexibility.

As a reminder, my Stencil of the Month is part of my Stencil of the Month Club (naturally! ), which works like so . . . Once you subscribe, each month you'll automatically receive a surprise stencil set (the Stencil of the Month) valued at $18.99 for just $14.99 plus shipping and handling. Members also get an exclusive members-only 15% discount on all stencils and accessories on the Stencil Ease site. After you sign up, Stencil Ease will send you a personalized letter from me that explains when you can expect your stencils each month, how to redeem your 15% members-only discount, and a few other things. If you have any questions about these logistics, please check out the Stencil of the Month Club webpage, or send inquiries to (Note: The Stencil of the Month is also available to non-Club members, but only at full retail price.)

Now, for those March stencils . . . I've got two super-feminine ones that moms everywhere will love; a "Save the Date" set that comes complete with a set of numbers for customizing dates and two styles of the message; and an eternal message of love, perfect for weddings!

New March Stencils Large

Of these four sets, my fave happens to be "To: Mom", and, so, I've given it the special designation of March Stencil of the Month. Here it is a wee bit bigger, to allow you to appreciate all of its details . . .


I'll have an in-depth video tutorial using "To: Mom" in the matter of a couple of weeks. In the meantime, check out the quickie video and photos below showing possible color schemes and project ideas, including some non-edible ones like menus and place cards. (Apologies - I'll have more professional photos come release of the in-depth video. For now, I just wanted to give you some rough ideas for using these stencils.)

Here's that quickie video:

And, now, a static view of "To: Mom" on a cookie. In this particular case, I used five colors: two (brown and purple) came straight from my Chefmaster containers; three (green, blue, and pink) were custom mixes.

Star 1

The background stencil also looks great all by itself on this paper menu. 


Note: I airbrushed with food coloring onto the paper so as not to contaminate my food-use-only stencils. Food-grade airbrush coloring takes incredibly well to paper - even better than it does to royal icing! Also, the lettering here was computer-printed; it's not part of this stencil set.

By going more monotone with the color palette, I created a completely different look using the same background and the frame from the "Save the Date" set. This piece is eventually going to get trimmed and mounted to create a place card:


So that's my March release! I hope you enjoy "To: Mom", as well as all of the others. Remember, you can find my full array of stencils on the Stencil Ease site, along with the Stencil of the Month right here. For my complete collection of stenciling tutorials, visit this special playlist, and please send your feedback and photos of your work to both me ( and Stencil Ease ( We'd love to share your work on our sites!

Stay tuned for April 14 when I'll be releasing the next hottest stencils in my Prettier PlaquesTM series! 


Images (2)
  • Place Setting with "To: Mom" Background: Place Setting and Menu by Julia M Usher; Stencils Designed in Partnership with Stencil Ease
  • New March Prettier Plaques Stencils: Stencils Designed in Partnership with Stencil Ease

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