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Meet the Judges!


Hi, competitors! This week, I introduce you to the illustrious judges of Julia M. Usher’s Cookie Art Competition - three out of four of them at least! In the following video, judges Sandie Beltran, Stephanie Kappel, and Laura Saporiti tell you a bit about their competition and judging experience, as well as share what they most (and least) like to see in an entry. They also provide some hot entry prep tips that you won’t want to miss. (Carefully reading the rules is a common theme!)

Next week, our fourth judge, Ginny Levack will be joining me in a Facebook Live to explain how our judging process works. We’ll discuss the measures we take to make it rich in learning and as fair and objective as possible, including blind judging, well-defined rules and judging criteria, a two-step judging process where every judges’ voice is heard, and more.

Meet Ginny

I am so honored and thrilled to have these cookie icons as part of my team. I know I speak for all of them when I say we can’t wait to see your entries. Remember, entries are due on October 15 (5 pm CDT), so you still have time to create and get a shot at our $14,000 in prizes! For competition rules and regs, see the links below.



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  • Meet the Judges Banner: Photos Courtesy of Stephanie Kappel, Sandie Beltran, and Laura Saporiti; Graphic Design by Elizabeth Cox and Julia M Usher
  • Meet Our Fourth Judge Banner: Photo Courtesy of Ginny Levack; Graphic Design by Elizabeth Cox and Julia M Usher

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I love them all! Very important tips! Thank you very kuch, Julia and judges! I am considering enrolling in 2D as well!

Great! Best of luck!

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