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National Cookie Month Film Festival - Week 1

So, as I alluded to in last week's post, we've got some fun stuff for you on Cookie Connection during this special National Cookie Month! 


Today, I present the first week of our National Cookie Month Film Festival, sort of a "Best of YouTube Cookie Videos", if you will. It's brought to you by your YouTube favorites (think SweetAmbs, Haniela's, Montreal Confections) and some other talented YouTube content creators you may not yet know. All of those collaborating on this festival are members of the Tastemade food network on YouTube, where it's common for us to come together to do themed video "events" like this.


In this case, we were each asked to select our favorite cookie video from among those we produced this year. By "favorite", we mean either the one that each creator liked best for whatever reason or the most popular one on that creator's channel. The selections cover everything from simple chocolate chip cookies to more sophisticated decorated designs, and run the gamut from snappy few-minute pieces to longer in-depth tutorials. Any which way, I think you'll find something to suit your sweet tooth.


Many of us also created 20- to 30-second trailers to help get out the word about this great month, so I thought I'd start this fest by sharing a few of those creations. They too range in style - from sweetly elegant like SweetAmbs' to goofy and awkward like mine. (To keep that cookie tiara on my head, I could barely move!) But in all cases, they give you a glimpse into another facet of our cookie (or non-cookie) lives. 


Of course, you can skip past the trailers if you like and jump directly into the sweetness of things by clicking here to see the full playlist, aka the entire set of Film Fest entries. More video additions will be made throughout the month, and I'll be featuring several of them here, so be sure to check back regularly.


Now, for those trailers, in no particular order . . .


An Elegant Message from SweetAmbs


No Party Is Complete Without A Cookie Tiara by Julia M Usher


An Impressive Cookie Assortment by Haniela's


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Originally Posted by Lucy (Honeycat Cookies):

That tiara suits you perfectly Julia!

I've been trying to change that video thumbnail for the last 24 hours to one where I'm at least smiling. Not sure why it takes YouTube so long to process those changes. Hopefully, I'll be smiling soon!

Originally Posted by Hani/Haniela's:

I really enjoyed seeing another side of you Julia. :-) Great job.

Thanks, Hani! I really loved the wide array of beautiful cookies that you showed in your vid!

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