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Please Read: Site Terms of Use Change Related to Cookies


Hi, all! I'm here to talk about a recent change to our site's Terms of Use that is related to cookies. No, I'm not talking about the type of cookies that we all know and love so well. I'm talking about the cookies that are bits of data placed in a person's browser by a website. The most common purpose of cookies is to make users' online experiences easier by remembering their recent activity or preferences. And that's precisely how cookies are (and have been) used on Cookie Connection.

Anyway, that's all background to help you better understand the recent Terms of Use change.

In short, in order to be compliant with recent updates to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the ePrivacy Directive, Cookie Connection is now required to inform all online users of the types of cookies it uses before those cookies are placed. That being said, I recently added a paragraph about Cookie Connection's cookies policy to our Terms of Use. You can also find this paragraph at the very bottom of this post.

Please take a few minutes to read it carefully, AND to re-read the entirety of our site's terms. (A refresher never hurts.) Cookie Connection's cookies policy is quite standard, and, most importantly, none of the cookies it places contains any personally identifiable information. These cookies have been in use prior to this change; this change simply relates to the fact that the EU now requires full disclosure of a site's cookies policy. Also to note: By continuing to use Cookie Connection, you acknowledge, per our site's Terms of Use, that you are aware of, and accept, the possible placement of these types of cookies.

If you have any questions about this new term/policy, please don't hesitate to contact me at

Thank you!

--------- NEW COOKIES POLICY ---------

Cookies Associated with the Crowdstack Platform

Cookie Connection uses the Crowdstack platform. Crowdstack, in order to enhance your experience with the site, may use any or all of the following types of cookies (bits of data placed in users’ browsers): (1) session cookies used for load balancing purposes, (2) a “remember me” cookie which must be proactively enabled by the user, (3) authentication cookies that support session timeout recovery, (4) a user ID cookie, (5) a time-of-visit cookie, and (6) a last authentication cookie. None of these cookies contains any personally identifiable information nor tracks users’ activities beyond Cookie Connection.

Additionally, Cookie Connection may place Google Analytics cookies, which provide aggregated user data to the administrator. These cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information either.

By registering with Cookie Connection, you acknowledge that you are aware of, and accept, the possible placement of these cookies.


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Thank you for such a wonderful cookie website!!  Could you share the recipe for the teacake cookie in the photo?  Thanks!

Thanks! Re: the cookies in the photo: that's a royalty-free image from Shutterstock (see photo credit), so I have no idea what recipe was used to make it.

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