Saturday Spotlight: Hottest Back-to-School Cookies

My oh my, time has sure flown by! It's already the season for appreciating those dwindling spare moments before the onslaught of carpooling kids, packing lunches, and the otherwise busy school year begins. How are you spending this precious time? Sneaking in a few last days of summer vacation? Kicking back on the deck with an icy drink? Or, better yet, decorating cookies perhaps?! If the latter, then this week's Saturday Spotlight is sure to fuel your cookie creativity, packed as it is with all sorts of back-to-school ideas.




Apples were certainly the dominant theme, but today's hot list also features kids at play, school buses in the shape of hearts, a teacher's retirement gift, and other interesting riffs on this scholarly theme.


All of these cookies deserve an A-plus in my opinion! Take a peek; then say congrats to the cookiers who earned spots at the top of this class.


#1: Back to School by Custom Cookies by Jill [EDITOR'S NOTE: Jill gets a gold star for penmanship!]

Back to School Jill at Custom Cookies by Jill -1


#2: Teacher Retirement Cookies by Michelle at Sweet Somethings

Teacher Retirement Cookies from Michelle at Sweet Somethings - 2


#3: A Gift for Accounting Professors by Michelle at Sweet Somethings [EDITOR'S NOTE: Yay! Michelle scores another point for her second cookie on the hot list.]

A Gift for Accounting Profs - Michelle at Sweet Somethings - 3


#4: Back to School by Tracie's Sweet Boutique 

Back to School Tracys Sweet Boutique -4


#5: School Days! by Melissa Joy Cookies

School Days Melissa Joy Cookies -5


#6: School Bus Hearts by Baked by Rachel

School Bus Hearts Baked by Rachel -8


#7: Back to School! by Tricia Z at The Cookie Loft Girls

SchoolBus Tricia Z at the Cookie Loft Girls


#8: Apple Cookies for the First Day of School by Kristine

Apple Cookies for the First Day of School Kristine -8


#9: Kids At Play by Treats by Trish

Kids At Play Treats by Trish 10


#10: Thank You, Principal by Lilly Mck [EDITOR'S NOTE: In four languages no less!]

Thank You Principal Lilly McK 9


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Thank-you SO much Julia (and all of you who looked at my cookies).  It's incredibly humbling to be included amongst such a group of amazing professional cookie decorators. Gives me the enthusiasm & inspiration to continue down this path! Now to educate the rest of Australia on the benefits of a plate of iced cookies

Julia, you're cutting our summer short, it's only the beginning of August!

Hopefully loads more swimming, sunning and cool summer eves before school's rat race!

However these great cookies will give us a hint of the newschool year to come.


Congratulations one and all!