Saturday Spotlight: The Week's Top 10 Cookies

It's that ambiguous time of year when half the leaves are on the trees and half are off . . , when sometimes a jacket isn't enough and other times I can't shed my jacket fast enough . . . when the Halloween candy hasn't been gobbled yet, but in the blink of an eye, I'll be combing through turkeys and Christmas trees to find the shapeliest of the bunch . . .
Judging from the wide variety of cookies on this week's hot list*, I'd say that I'm not the only one who's confused!  


Among the honorees, you'll see trick or treaters, a snow-laden cottage, abstract Thanksgiving-themed cookies, even love birds (two sets, in fact) as early harbingers of Valentine's Day! But as disparate as these cookies look on the surface, there is one common theme: delightful ideas, all executed perfectly!
Congrats, everyone, on another week well done!
#1: 3-D Winter Cookie Scene by De Koekenbakkers

3D Winter Cookie Scene - DeKoekenbakkers - 1


#2: Halloween Trick or Treaters by Kim at Sugar Rush Custom Cookies

Halloween Trick or Treaters - Sugar Rush - 2


#3: GO BO! by The Cookie Architect

Go Bo Donation - The Cookie Architect - 3


#4: Halloween Fondant Cookies by Tina at Sugar Wishes

Halloween Fondant Cookies - Tina at Sugar Wishes - 4


#5: 3-D Birdcage by De Koekenbakkers [EDITOR'S NOTE: Woo hoo to MariËlle for being a two-time winner this week!]

3D Birdcage - de Koekenbakkers - 5


#6: Love, Love, Love by Art & Honey

Love love love - Art & Honey - 6


#7: Under the Apple Tree Cookie Cake Topper by De Koekenbakkers [EDITOR'S NOTE: CORRECTION! Congrats to MariËlle for being a three-time winner this week!]

Under the apple tree cookie cake topper - De Koekenbakkers - 7


#8: Princess Dress Cookie Pops by Kim at Sugar Rush Custom Cookies [EDITOR'S NOTE: Here's to Kim, another cookier on a roll this week with two wins!]

Princess Dress Cookie Pops - Sugar Rush - 8


#9: Thanksgiving-Autumn Dream by One Cake A Day

Thanksgiving - Autumn Dream - One Cake a Day - 9


#10: Aprendiz De Bruja by Patricia Nuñez [EDITOR'S NOTE: BTW, that's "Witch Apprentice" in English!]

APRENDIZ DE BRUJA - Patricia Nunez - 10


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Esto ha sido una verdadera sorpresa para mi.No entendía en un principio de que se trataba, hasta que comprendí que estaba en una lista de top 10 de este blog. Estoy muy feliz, y le agradezco la inclusión de mi galleta en la lista.Esto me da mas animo para seguir haciendo lindas galletas. Un saludo para todos y cada uno de los demás seleccionados, Felicitaciones