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If you'd like to be listed in our downloadable Decorator Directory, please post all of the information listed below in the comments area here. This directory is a listing of only those members who sell cookies, either within their region or beyond. For a complete member listing, go to the Members area on this site.


Please review the directory first to check the format of the information that we post. Please also allow about a week month to be added to the directory. (NOTE: We recently changed from a weekly to a monthly update cycle due to the relatively small number of updates each week.) Many thanks!


P.S. This directory is only available to members of this site, and should not be downloaded and distributed beyond those on this site.


Information to Supply:

All info is optional, of course, though the more you supply, the easier it will be for potential customers to reach you.

  • Name of Business
  • Name of Owner
  • Business Location (city, state/province, and country, please!)
  • Locations Served (i.e., local only, ship within country, ship internationally)
  • Website, Blog, or Facebook Page URL (one address only, please!)
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number 

To be removed from this list at any time, please post a note in the comments area below, or email

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Original Post

Pam, you have been successfully added to the directory, downloadable here! You'll also see links to it on the home page, in the Members channel, and in the main navigation line.


If you see anything that you feel needs changing in the directory (or how it is presented on the site), please drop me a message.


P.S. Right now, you're the sole member, but hopefully that will change quickly upon launch!

Hi, Pam!


Just click on the link in my comment above (it's linked to "here" in the first sentence). It's also downloadable from a widget on the home page (right side) and another similar one on right side of the Members channel. It's also downloadable through a link under the "For Hire" button on the main nav line. So there are multiple points of access.


All of those links will take you to the Clips area where the document is actually stored, under Files, here: http://cookieconnection.juliau...ips#clipsTab=REGULAR


Just click the title of the document to download it. Hope this helps.

Hey, great to see y'all on the site. I usually add decorators to the directory once a week, but will add a batch later this weekend. I'll re-post here to let you know you've been added; then proceed to the "the directory" link, above, to download the file and check it out. And, yes, CarmelDreamin, you can request to be added at any time!

Originally Posted by CarmelDreamin:

I'm not currently selling. But plan to start in the near future. I'll provide my information then, if that's ok?

Oh, yes! Whenever you start, just post the info here and I'll get notified that you want to be added. I only make additions to the directory once a week (in batches) though, so please don't be surprised if it takes a few days to get added. Thanks for joining the site!

Hi Julia!  Thanks for starting this site!  I'm so excited to be in from the beginning!


Here's my info:


  • Name of Business  Sweet Designs by Barbara
  • Name of Owner  Barbara Newlon
  • Business Location (city, state/province, and country, please!) Campbell, CA USA
  • Locations Served (i.e., local only, ship within country, ship internationally) Local Only
  • Website, Blog, or Facebook Page URL (one address only, please!)
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number 408-314-2876

Thanks again!