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An Important Notice: Cookie Connection Tutorials and Their Proper Use


Hi, everyone. Please take a moment to read this message. It is very important. It relates to the ongoing wellbeing of this community and the respect we show to fellow members, especially our hardworking contributors who do their very best to bring you free, original content each month.

I made the unfortunate discovery last night that one of our members is selling one of our contributors' 3-D project tutorials in an upcoming Zoom class, without having permission from this contributor to do so. That member was warned, yet denied any knowledge of the preexisting tutorial by our contributor. Now, I am one to always give people the benefit of the doubt (in fact, this person already had two copyright strikes "on file" here on Cookie Connection, yet I gave her second and third chances). However, the similarities to the project tutorial in question could not be denied. And, though the person said she had independently developed the project as far back as 2017, there is no evidence of any such project created by her on any of her social media pages. After all of this investigation, I - with heavy heart - removed this member from our site with another firm reminder of how copyrighted material on this site is to be used.

To be clear, those who write tutorials for this site retain the copyright on their material (Cookie Connection does not hold the copyright), so they can ultimately decide how they want to be credited and how their tutorials can be used. But, as a general rule, our tutorials are made expressly for cookiers' PERSONAL use to develop and hone their decorating skills. They are NOT made for anyone, members included, to help them shortcut the hard work of developing tutorials so they can sell ours as their own for financial gain.

You may not know this, but our contributors spend countless unpaid hours developing original tutorials for this site. They do this because they love to teach and help others grow as artists. Their only "compensation" for this work is the joy they get in knowing people learned from these tutorials, and the credits they get when these people direct back to the original posts on this site and their own platforms. It is a direct affront to our contributors' generosity when someone chooses to sell their work - and a double affront when they do so without permission or any credits.

Such disrespectful (and unlawful) actions also give me great pause. I did not create this community for people to abuse it or the people contributing to it. Thankfully, such abuses don't happen every day, but they do strike more frequently than you might imagine. And, when they do, they strike the very heart of what I have created here and hurt it deeply. They make me wonder if it's worth continuing to give out free content. I do not like to fight, particularly in public spaces, but have been drawn into so many "battles" like this over the years. It is exhausting to say the least. Yet I have no other choice but to defend the assets created exclusively for this site and the people who created them. It is the right thing to do.

I trust you to do the right thing too. 

Thank you.

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Oh wow.  How disappointing.  I'm so sorry you had to spend your precious time reminding people to do the right thing.  Your generosity and support is so appreciated.  So many members take the time to share, instruct and inspire.   It truly is a beautiful thing. I know I'm not alone when I say I stand behind you 100%.

Disappointing at best. For me I have learned so many techniques for cookies because of The generosity of amazing artists like yourself. Just be honest, work hard at your art and you won’t need to steal other artists work! Simple as that!

Agree completely with the last part. P.S. Can't wait to chat with you in a few weeks. Thanks for signing up!

This has gone on long enough in the community generally using others ideas for their own interest with no credit back to the original idea. 
I’m so glad you are raising your voice in defense of any contributor/creator because we know how hard they work.
You have always been a beacon of what is right and once again your lead needs to be followed. 

This has gone on long enough in the community generally using others ideas for their own interest with no credit back to the original idea. 
I’m so glad you are raising your voice in defense of any contributor/creator because we know how hard they work.
You have always been a beacon of what is right and once again your lead needs to be followed. 

Thank you - I might add that our contributors are beacons of what is right as well, always crediting everyone even if that inspiration was remote. What's more, their first step in tutorial development is typically to scour the internet to make sure there isn't something already out there that looks like what they had in mind. We don't want to tread on anyone's copyright either, and it's hard to know what's been done without searching first.

Julia, thank you for all you do, and it IS worth it.  I know how disappointing it must be when you run into the occasional person who does that sort of thing (I see it too often on Pinterest, as well).  It's also a real time-waster for you.  But please know that many, many more of us deeply appreciate all you do, as well as those who selflessly contribute here.  Many thanks to you and those on this site.  Diana

I have not been a cookier for a long time, but I have the most respect and admiration for all of their talents and help that has been shown me. I am most upset with a person who would actually commit a crime, but I am so glad that they are not the usual cookier artist. Thank you for sharing this information and to all the cookiers that have tried, and I mean tried, to guide me through this cookie journey.

Thank you for sharing, Julia, although it breaks my heart to hear a story such as this. Being committed to integrity, like you and countless others here, is exactly how we should be without needing to say a word.

The value that you and our contributors bring to each and every one of us is beyond quantifying! I'm so grateful for the time and dedication to helping us learn ❀️. Truly a labor of love!! I can imagine how each of you must feel whenever you have seen a duplication of your ideas without credit. That's just wrong on so many levels. 


It's so disappointing to hear this. Can't imagine that someone in the cookie community has done something like this neglecting R&R of the community and basic ethics. This site provides enormous knowledge of cookie decorating techniques and skills for free.
Appropriate the support of you and other contributors.
Be honest, work hard of your own art and avoid shortcuts always. If your are not sure pls 'Ask' before 'Action'.
Thank you Julia, for step in, reassuring honest standards and dedication to the site. ❀

Hola Julia, quΓ© triste y lamentable situaciΓ³n,yo te apoyo en lo necesario, me encanta este espacio que llevas con tanto amor y dedicaciΓ³n, me encanta participar con mis galletas y ver las cosas tan maravillosas que hacen las miembros de este espacio , Y triste que hayan hecho tan baja acciΓ³n un abrazo y Γ‘nimo yo te apoyo gracias ☺️ 

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