Saturday Spotlight: Christmas Countdown Winners!

For me, the Christmas Countdown has a wonderful month-long journey, filled with more cookies than I'd never imagined, each depicting our most festive season in a uniquely special way. Simply put - I was blown away! All in, we had 245 entries, which were then whittled down to 25 finalists and ultimately to just 3 winners via popular vote. BTW, we received nearly 600 votes, so it was a well attended and very tight race!




Thank you, everyone, for contributing as either a cookie decorator or a keen (and undoubtedly impressed) voter! All of your input was crucial to making this contest a success. Of course, there are so many words of gratitude due our sponsors, I scarcely know where to start. "Thanks again" hardly seems to suffice (I'm not even sure "thanks a billion times over" would be enough), but - for lack of more superlatives - thanks a billion times over to Designer Stencils, Fancy Flours, and Karen's Cookies for putting together the following lineup of prizes (over $700 worth):

  • First Prize: $100 gift certificate from Fancy Flours; $100 gift certificate from Designer Stencils; a free Craftsy class, a ticket to CookieCon (yes!), and my new app, courtesy of me. If you already have a CookieCon ticket, the ticket won here is transferable. ($493 combined value)
  • Second Prize: $50 gift certificate from Fancy Flours; $50 gift certificate from Designer Stencils; $50 gift certificate from Karen's Cookies; my new app ($155 combined value)
  • Third Prize: $25 gift certificate from Fancy Flours; $25 gift certificate from Designer Stencils; my new app ($55 combined value) 

As I said before, each and every finalist is a winner in his/her own right - and I mean that sincerely. I wish I had more prizes for everyone, but then I suppose that would defeat the purpose of a challenge, right?! Anyway, I yammer . . . mainly because I'm trying to prolong the suspense! And to that end, I remind you of all the finalists once again! 


ChristmasCountdownCalendar with Week 4


OK, enough already!! The suspense was killing me, if not you. Please join me in (finally) congratulating the winners in our Christmas Countdown Challenge, starting with third prize:


THIRD PRIZE - Day 16: Woodland Christmas by Sweet Smiles

Woodland Christmas - Sweet Smiles - 16


SECOND PRIZE - Day 24: Silent Night by jennabea

Silent Night - Day 24 - jennabea


And, ta da!


FIRST PRIZE - Day 25: The Love of Grandparents by The Cookie Lab

TheLoveofGrandparents - Day 25 - The Cookie Lab2


Congratulations, winners! I will be in touch with you via email within the next 24 hours with all the details for redeeming your prizes. In the meantime, I hope you revel in your impressive accomplishments!


Stay tuned . . . the fun and games aren't over just yet. Later tomorrow, I'll be announcing the details of our Best Cookie of 2013 Contest.


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congratulations to the winners, you are all amazing designers but wau I think the winning price is well deserved, it takes my breath away! wonderful competition - I loved the idea, loved participating and love to watch it all! thank you Julia! xxx

Great job to everyone that entered and the 25 that were chosen to select the winners! I am so excited to see the winning cookies! I loved them all! This was so much fun and great inspiration for me! I hope you do it again next year Julia! Or something similar!