Saturday Spotlight: Top 10 Valentine's Day Cookies

I don't know about you, but Valentine's Day has got to be my all-time favorite cookie decorating holiday. The very shape of a heart allows for so much design versatility, and there's no shortage of pithy puns ("Bee mine", "I love ewe", "My tweetheart", to name a few) that lend themselves perfectly to "un-bear-ably cute" cookie animal pairings!




Cuteness aside, there's also abundant possibility for elegance, as evidenced by the cookies topping this week's hot list.* Below, you'll be romanced by everything from lovingly piped lace and handpainted flowers to swoon-worthy color combinations and opulent layers of embossed fondant.


I did mention that Valentine's Day is my favorite cookie holiday, didn't I? Please spread the cookie love by saying congrats to this week's deserving cookiers! 


#1: Thinking of You by Gwen's Kitchen Creations

Thinking of You


#2: Fondant and Pearls by Tina at Sugar Wishes

Fondant and Pearls


#3: Purple Valentines by Creative Cookies Belgrade

Purple Valentines


#4: Toile de Jouy Cookies by Evelindecora

Toile de Jouy Cookies


#5: Cupid's Arrows by Allison at Baked on Briar

Cupid's Arrows


#6: Lace Heart Cookies by Gerrit de Vries [EDITOR'S NOTE: Special congrats to Gerrit, a Cookie Connection neophyte and self-proclaimed beginner. If this is "beginner", then . . . I'm at a loss for words.]

Lace Heart Cookies


#7: Tufted Heart Cookies by Bobbie Bakes

Tufted Heart Cookies


#8: Be My Valentine by Sarah's Sweets

Be My Valentine


#9: Love Cookies by BlauKitchen

Love Cookies


#10: More Fondant and Pearls by Tina at Sugar Wishes

More Fondant and Pearls


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Originally Posted by Karolina Cake Designer:

all totally amazing, but Tina is the best for me! I love that style. makes me want to make some! 

That is the nicest thing in the world to hear. It is the truth that I look to so many other's work and admire and dream to someday be able to be as good as them. I feel so humbled to be among such artists. Who am I? But with each kind word I feel the need to get better to earn my place.  Thank you Karolina Cake Design! 

Originally Posted by Stone Pearl:

I adore this!
I love your Decoration.
I love the choices you picked and I would be happy to make any one of them.
So many great ideas! Can’t wait to try it!

Thanks For Sharing Valentines Day Cookies.

Great - I don't choose the honorees, however. The site trending algorithm automatically determines which photos had the fastest growing views/likes/comments (over the course of the week prior) and that's what determines the selection and order.