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July 2022

Every Little Detail with Aproned Artist: Cat Tower

I wasn’t trying to pick favorites when I made a cookie inspired by one of my dogs. But ever since, my daughter has been campaigning for our cat to get a cookie of his own. I’m not surprised; they have always had a special bond. We’ve had our cat since my daughter was little, and they’ve been an inseparable pair. While the décor in her room...

Why Compete? Beatriz Muller Has Many Good Reasons - In Both English and Spanish!

Still on the fence about whether to enter Julia M. Usher’s Cookie Art Competition™? Well, you shouldn’t be! In these videos, one in English and another in Spanish, we hear from last year’s winner in the 3-D Cookie category and Gold Sponsor, Beatriz Muller of Cakes by Beatriz and Gingerneers. She explains why competing is...

Watch-Learn-Create Challenge #51: Shaping & Covering 3-D Cookies with Julia M. Usher

Hi, everyone! I am so happy and honored to be taking over the Cookie Connection challenges from Christine Dutcher (aka Sweet Prodigy) who has inspired us for the past 11 challenges in the Practice Bakes Perfect edition. Thank you, Julia M. Usher, for giving me the opportunity to host these challenges in the new Watch-Learn-Create format, which involves...

Saturday Spotlight: Top 10 Cookies

Aha! I'm back for the second Spotlight in two weeks! That must be a recent record! I wish I could say things have settled down, but as soon as my new site launched, I kicked into high gear with video production for my new stencil-cutter-video kits (coming in mid-September) and prep for the debut of Challenge #51 in our new Watch-Learn-Create series hosted by Manu. Speaking of that challenge, it...

My New Site Has (Finally) Arrived, Along with a Gift for You!

Hi, cookie friends! Yes, the day is here for my new site reveal, and it's surely been a long time coming! Migrating 12 years of content from my dated site to a much more powerful and complex platform proved to be a daunting task all by itself. But then that content needed freshening up with the two year's worth of photos, product announcements, and other paraphernalia that I had never found time to post. And let's not forget that...