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Exciting Course Announcement, Especially for My Japanese-Speaking Friends! わくわくする講座のお知らせ - 特に日本語を話す皆さんのために!

Hi, everyone! As you may know, I’ve been working rather covertly this past year on a special project. I've been dying to talk about it but was sworn to secrecy until it was finished! Well, today I can finally spill the beans, and I am so excited to share my news with you – particularly with my Japanese-speaking friends...

Julia's November 2021 Stencil and Cutter Release - Gingerbread Village and Fairbank Plaque!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! If all goes as planned, this stencil release should go public on Thanksgiving Day, just in time for Black Friday sales and the post-Thanksgiving Christmas shopping rush. With a host of charming gingerbread houses and a candy cane-striped landscape as their background, these sets are sure to make your Christmas extra sweet...

Every Little Detail with Aproned Artist: Snowflake Ornament Cookie

When I was experimenting with different materials to create the spiderweb in my Black Widow Spider Cookie tutorial, I was pleasantly surprised by edible glue. The glue was transparent, shiny, flexible, repairable, lightweight, and relatively forgiving. I’ve since come up with all kinds of ideas to make use of this new product in my decorating toolbox. First up...

Saturday Spotlight: Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #48 Recap

With many cookiers owning dozens – even hundreds – of cookie cutters, losing track of the identity of one or two is bound to happen. And, trying to decipher those "mystery" cutters can be a challenge all on its own. Fortunately, our Practice Bakes Perfect challenge entrants have shown...