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Julia's April Stencil Release - World's Best Dad!

Who needs cookies and milk when you can have cookies and beer? I mean, think about it . . . a pairing of a robust stout with a spicy gingerbread cookie . . . How delish! Or a not-too-dark ale with a chocolate chip cookie . . . Or a sweet golden ale to complement the tartness of a cookie with lemon zest . . . Mmmmm, I might just start a new trend (at least among dads, that is)! But beer aside, let's talk a bit about...

Saturday Spotlight: Winners of Julia M. Usher's Cookie Art Competition™ - Part Two, 3-D Cookies

Hey, all! Once again, apologies to all, particularly the 3-D winners of my cookie competition. This special edition of our Saturday Spotlight was supposed to post last weekend (or even earlier), but with my YouTube hijack on last Saturday and my general stay-at-home malaise, I've just had...

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Important - The Reactions Release!

As you may know from my recent forum post , I was as surprised as you all by yesterday's site upgrade. (Somehow the advance notices about it never made it to my inbox, or I would have warned you.) Anywho . . . since the upgrade, I've been running around, testing the various changes and figuring out which ones most impact you, so I could give you this update. In short, lots of small (and a few big) things changed, but essentially only two changes really impact you. They are: 1. Reactions...