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Cookie Connection Guest Blog Posts - On Hold Through April 2019

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all! As you may or may not know, anyone can post a tutorial to our blog, but these posts all get reviewed and edited by me to make sure they meet Cookie Connection blog standards. This review process often takes three or more hours per post - more when language translation is involved. That being said, I am unusually busy right now, so I am not accepting blog posts from anyone but official contributors for the next few months. If you are not on the Cookie Connection contributor team but...Read More...

Cookie Competition at the NEW Jersey Shore Cake & Cookie Convention

Julia M. Usher
CALLING ALL COOKIE ARTISTS! The cookie competition at the inaugural Jersey Shore Cake & Cookie Convention has just launched, and I am honored to be their head cookie judge along with esteemed judges/cookiers Ginny Levack (@Creative Cookier) and Sandra Velez-Beltran (@You Can Call Me Sweetie) . We've got both 2-D/flat and 3-D categories, with no limit to the number of times you can enter both. Please consider joining the fun! More info here: ...Read More...

February Live Chat with Chua Cookie

Julia M. Usher
Mark your calendars for February 16! Next up in our CookieCon 2019 Speakers Series is a live chat with CookieCon instructor and über-cookie competitor Arlene Chua of @Chua Cookie! Although a relative newbie to the cookie landscape, Arlene has already amassed an impressive track record. In under two years, Arlene placed in several cookie shows and also appeared on two Food Network Challenges! Naturally, our chat will center around how Arlene preps, competes, and handles the...Read More...
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How to Edit or Delete Your Own Content

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all, I've been receiving an unusually large number of questions about how members can edit or delete their own content. It's super important for you to know how to do this, as I typically do not edit posts for people, unless I happen to see a misclassified image or other typo. It can also take me several hours to days to respond to site inquiries like this, as I work several other jobs. That being said, your surest bet for getting a quick answer is to familiarize yourself with our site...Read More...

Important Reminder about Copying and Posting Characters without Permission

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all, regrettably, I've recently had to delete some images from challenges and other areas of the site due to lack of compliance with Rule #8 of our posting guidelines, which states that artwork (including characters, from Disney, Hasbro, etc.) cannot be copied and posted here without permission from the creator : http://cookieconnection.juliau...READ-BEFORE-YOU-POST In response to those deletions, some members have asked me why so many licensed character cookies exist on the site,...Read More...
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Adjusting Your Email Notifications and Onsite Alerts

Julia M. Usher
We all have different message-reading tastes, so Cookie Connection has been designed to allow for everyone's individual differences! The site's default email and onsite alert notifications are set to show you most of the site info that you could get notified about, just so you're aware of the site's full functionality. But I recognize that this amount of info may (or may not) be overkill for you. That said, I recommend that you edit your "Notifications" settings as soon as you join the site...Read More...

Posting Images - Please Read Before You Post!

Julia M. Usher
Read in Japanese (日本語はこちらから) (Last Translation: August 25, 2017) ________________________________ Hi, all! Before posting images or videos to the Clips area, please review the site's Terms of Use , as well as all of the following posting rules. They are designed to give your images more visibility on the site, to make sure artists are given proper credit for design inspiration and/or source artwork, and to avoid copyright violations. I'll start with the easy cataloging stuff first . . . 1.Read More...
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Last Chance to enter our Wickstead's Giveaway. Ends Midnight (UK time) TODAY! There will be 5 UK-only winners & 5 worldwide winners. You can enter via our INSTAGRAM &/or FACEBOOK Pages. Wickstead's October Giveaway via INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK . To celebrate the launch of our brand new Eat Me Edible Transfer Sheets, we are giving away 10 FREE sets! You even get to choose which of our Eat Me Edible Transfer Sheet designs you would like. All of our current designs are listed on...Read More...
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Brand New - Wickstead's Eat Me Edible Transfer Sheets

Wickstead's Eat Me
BRAND NEW! Wickstead's EAT ME Edible Meringue Transfer Sheets Our Eat Me Edible Transfer sheets are a brand new and exciting way to add unique designs and patterns to your edible creations. They can be used with a variety of edible creations, including meringues, cookies, and lollipops. For meringues, pipe your mix onto our Eat Me Edible Transfer Sheet, and the designs will be transferred as your meringues bake. Check them out HERE . We are still in the process of experimenting with all...Read More...

FDA-Approved Gold Luster Dust

Hi, everyone, I've done some searching on the site but haven't found a recent post on this topic (most are old and the links are dead or not working). It seems a lot of people use "non-toxic" gold luster dusts on their cookies, but it is my understanding that these are not approved for consumption and should not be given to consumers. I have used the Wilton dusts and they're okay, but I'm wondering if anyone has found another FDA-approved dust that maybe has a little more "wow" factor? I'm...Read More...
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Where to Purchase Meringue Powder in Bulk?

Does anyone know where I can purchase bulk meringue powder? I am down to my last pound of Henry & Henry meringue powder. (I found out about Henry & Henry from Sugarbelle's blog.) I had purchased 15 pounds of it. I have searched and searched the Internet and cannot locate the 15 pound box of Henry & Henry meringue powder. I ended up purchasing two (1 pound) bags of CK meringue powder. Does anyone else purchase their meringue powder in bulk? f so, where do you purchase it and what...Read More...
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Red Metallic Dragees?

Joanna (Cookie Mojo)
Hi, folks! I've seen some pictures of cookies and cakes online with red metallic dragees on them, but I can't seem to find them anywhere to purchase. My usual suppliers up here in Toronto say they can't get them in that colour . . . not even in pearl, never mind metallic. Just plain red. Has anyone ever seen them?Read More...
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You know those TruColor™ natural colors that I tested a while ago in royal icing ( see test here )?! Well, they're now more widely available! Karen’s Cookies is offering the TruColor™ small jar collections (including gel paste and natural shine lines intended for airbrushing and painting) on their website. Check out their full-range of TruColor™ products here . Enjoy this healthier coloring alternative!Read More...
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New Site Affiliate Program - Flirty Aprons!

Julia M. Usher
Hi, everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our latest site affiliate program with Flirty Aprons! They make some wonderful colorful (and, yes, flirty) aprons and supply other handy kitchen gadgets as well! Every time you purchase through the link below, or other similar ones appearing in the "Sites that Support Us" area on the right side of our home page and Clips main page, Cookie Connection will receive a small referral fee. Those fees are critical to the ongoing...Read More...

Sugar Stamps

Hi all!  I've just become a US distributor for Sugar Stamps.  I saw them online, fell in love, and had to have them!  They're design sheets made specifically for meringues but I've found that they work beautifully with candy melts also.  You can make little candy kisses, bark, lollipops, covered oreos..... The designs are beautiful and they're so easy to use! Through my experiments I haven't found a way to get them to work with royal icing yet.  They need heat to...Read More...
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What to Get from Where???

OK, I have quite a few questions and need answers quickly, thanks! (1) The flowers decorated on the cookies on this home page and in the back ground . . . are those royal icing, fondant, made from moulds or what? And if they are from moulds, where is the best place I can order from? (2) Also, I need site addresses where I can order cutters and plaques, etc. (3) I see so many beautiful cookies, especially with bouquets, etc. Again, what all do I need to make those cookie, i.e., cutters or...Read More...
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** Up to 25% Off Flash Christmas Sale **

Wickstead's Eat Me
Hello Everyone Just wanted to let you all know that we have just started a Flash Sale in our Wickstead's Eat Me Etsy Shop, where you can get ** Up to 25% OFF ** selected line's just in time to catch the last Christmas Shipping dates with our 4 Day FLASH SALE Wickstead's Eat Me Here are just a hand full of items on offer ^.^ Edible 'Merry' Santa's - Red Victorian Father Christmas Wafer Paper 100% Edible Cupcake Wrappers - Range of designs are available, pictured are our 'Christmas...Read More...
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Edible Wafer Creations by Wickstead's Eat Me

Wickstead's Eat Me
Hello everyone Just wanted to introduce our Wickstead's Eat Me shop currently on Etsy Eat Me is another shop department by Wickstead's where you will find all sorts of edible creations. *Our edibles are perfect to finish off your Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies & Biscuits they will just grab your friends & families attention & just call to them, “Eat Me". In our shop you will find a wide variety of items all made out of wafer paper in a selection of themes.Read More...
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Impact of Egg Shortage on CK Products Meringue Powder

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all, This information came to me via another cookie friend, but was originally posted on the CK Products' website (and still is, here ). In case you were wondering about the shortage of their meringue powder product, it is indeed related to the egg shortage. Here's what they said: "Jun 15, 2015 Important notice of price change and update on US egg supply. As a result of recent issues, the US egg supply has tightened up over the past few weeks and the price of egg whites has increased...Read More...
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