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Saturday Spotlight: Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #39 Recap

After seeing all of the amazing entries submitted for our Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #39, I must say that our mission of turning Cookie Connection into "Food" Connection was a success! You managed to create some incredibly realistic looking "food" cookies, and I am...

Debut Post: What's New, Honeycat? Coffee and Cookies!

[EDITOR'S NOTE: I'm thrilled to announce the addition of another top-flight decorator to our team of contributors - the fabulously talented Lucy Samuels of UK-based Honeycat Cookies .   Every other month, Lucy will be pushing your (and possibly her!) creative boundaries with an innovative cookie design and technique tutorial. For her debut post below, she explores an interesting twist on the wet-on-wet technique, which, as you'll soon see, is a great way to get some relief (so to speak)...

Suspended Valentine's Heart

When I used to sell my cookies, practicality was my worst enemy. It was an infuriating little voice in my head whispering sad truths: “too fragile”, “ too big”, “too sticky”. Every design had to live in a little bag without risk of breaking, smudging, or becoming stale on its path to the customer’s event. Now...

Every Little Detail with Aproned Artist: Advent Calendar-Style Cookie Platter

When my kids were little, they loved advent calendars, especially ones with hidden chocolates. They’d start hounding me to buy them in the beginning of October, long before I wanted to think about the winter holiday frenzy. I assumed it was the (subpar) chocolate that appealed to them. But...